Old Norse For Modern Times is another Norse Gem from Outland Entertainment, written by Ian Stuart Sharpe, Josh Gillingham and Dr. Arngrímur Vídalín.

I don’t think it will appeal to everyone, but it isn’t the sort of book that aims to do so.

It is basically a phrasebook. There are some short explanations and an introduction but there is no ending as such, with the vast majority of the book being a list of modern phrases along with the Old Norse translation.

This is done very tongue in cheek and I found it really fun – it’s not a “what time is it?” Or a “where is the railway station?” phrasebook. It’s “Hvar es Leðrblǫkumaðrinn?” (Where is the Batman?) And “#MánudagsMæða” (#MondayMotivation)!

There are some great references (Norse Mythology, popular culture of all kinds) and phrases that really made me laugh. I found myself smiling at the page all the way through the book pretty much.

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