This page houses details of the audio version of Old Norse For Modern Times. As Kickstarter backers will know, we had a little disruption to plans because of COVID but we are delighted to unveil all the chapters, read by mellifluous Siobhan Clark.

We’ll be updating this page to make the snippets and sound bites more accessible in due course, and adding more Chapters as soon as they are available. Make sure to check out Siobhan’s Myth & Lore podcast at

Chapter One: Make New Friends with Old Norse
Chapter Two: Old Norse for the Big Picture
Chapter Three: Old Norse for Going Online
Chapter Four: Old Norse for the Big Occasion
Chapter Five: Old Norse for Old Soldiers
Chapter Six: Slogans of the High One
Chapter Seven: Old Norse for Skalds
Chapter Eight: Prepping for Ragnarok
Chapter Nine: Old Norse for Kickstarters