Here is my final update from the Kickstarter campaign, where a staggering 625 backers pledged CA$ 41,984 to help bring the project to life.

“At the start of this campaign, I worried that quoting “there will seem too few when the wolf comes” would seem devastatingly ironic by the end. Turns out Óðinn has a fighting chance after all!

I am truly overwhelmed by the flood-tide that arrived over the course of the campaign, especially in the past few days. Not so overwhelmed that I am lost for words, mind you. This Kickstarter acceptance speech might go on a bit – feel free to strike up the lurs and drums to remind me to wind up. 

There are an awful lot of people to thank, and hope I catch everyone!

Schoolboy chums, who backed this 35 years after I DMed our last game. Former colleagues who came out of Facebook retirement even after I dressed them up as a barbarian on live TV. Strangers from across the seas who spent time and effort helping hone this campaign out of sheer kindness. Social media followers who endured 30 days of advertising. Authors, gamers, journalists, streamers, podcasters and bloggers who provided vital validation, with a special mention for Paco @gmsmagazine who is a perpetual motion engine (you can stop now!) and Joshua Gillingham, the best merkismaðr in the business. The Shadow cultists who leapt to help with Discord. My publisher Jeremy and his Outland team for always being first in the shield wall. The team at Roll20 for supporting a game in its infancy. Darren Pearce, who has the eyes of Heimdallr and can hear grass grow. Ger and Paul, who have earned the comparisons with Kirby with their amazing interpretation of the Vikingverse. My own three Norns – my mother, who backs every campaign; my wife, who supports me in all things with her weaving; and my daughter, who epitomizes drive and determination. The 625 backers (!) – some new friends, some veterans of many campaigns, whose comments were the Mead of Poetry. And, of course, to Rob Schwalb, for his resilience and genius. 

You are all stjǫrnudupt.

But top of the list is the gang of kids who rekindled my love of RPGs. Just about every week for 3 years, rain or shine, pandemic or plague, my son and his friends have delivered laughter, critical fails and feats of imagination worthy of the gods. Without their enthusiasm, energy, excitement and rules lawyering, When the Wolf Comes would simply not exist.

This one is dedicated to them.”