I am delighted to say that When the Wolf Comes funded in just 12 hours on Kickstarter this week.

No sooner had I hit the launch button, than I tested positive for COVID. While I was on my sickbed, we passed two stretch goals, with a third in sight. I’m obviously over the moon (assuming Hati Hróðvitnisson hasn’t eaten it), thank you so much for your continuing support and efforts to spread the word.

When launching a new setting, it obviously important to help set the stage and tone with a sample adventure and one is well underway. My current tagline is “An apple a day keeps the Jötnar at bay”. I should point out, lest you are horrified you have bought into an orchard-based escapade, it revolves around Iðunn and her own unique brand of fruit.

The short story is something I have had cooking for a while. It bridges the first two novels and the RPG, setting up both the dvergar and the Sons of Ivaldi as playable Origins, and addressing the Great Æsir-Vanir schism.

And, given the Vikingverse has it’s own creation myth, I really do hope we get to the third goal so we can deliver that tale with eye popping visuals in comic form. Yggdrasil deserves its own splash pages and story., and let’s face it, no one has seen enough of Auðumbla, the primeval cow 😉

After that, well, we have plenty more ideas and I’m always interested to hear what YOU want to see. Feel free to ping me here, on Discord, Twitter, Facebook or email.